Monday, August 30, 2010

Running with PamelO


Running post Utah, I noticed right away it was easier for me to run at home. I wonder if it's all in my head?? Maybe I'm a little crazy?

I did go for a long run I didn't blog about. It went ok, no big events. However, I went with my friend from work and did the same long route as before, the one I love. I had to stop and walk more then before. He said, "I can see you didn't run when you were in Utah!!" What the heck? I did run, it just didn't go very well.

Back to my 8/23 run with PamelO. Her name is Pamela O. but I call her PamelO. I work with her and she is a great runner. I always feel bad asking her to run with me because she is a million times faster then me... Well about 2 minutes a mile faster, which is a lot. I wanted to run in Tacoma where the You Go Girl half marathon will be so I could test out the area and see how bad the hills are and such. We headed out to Tacoma a little late, it was a hot day and of course I wanted to wait until it cooled off. I brought my reflector though so we didn't get ran over and killed.

When we finally started out it was pretty much dark, I think I like running at night, it's cool and not to busy. Anyways, right away in the run my right leg/calf/shin started hurting. I just kept running and hoped it would pass. However, after a mile of waiting for the pain to go away it was still hurting and now it was pretty bad, I had to stop. I stretched it out and then started up again. We had planned on doing 8-10 miles but there was no way I was going to make it with the pain I was having. I felt so horrible and I wanted to keep going. I tried to run through it and Pam asked me if I wanted to stop because now I was limping while running. I said no but we should probably turn around, we headed back to the car. I wished I could of went further, we ended up doing 5 miles.

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