Sunday, August 29, 2010

Holy moly slacking on this blog thing!!

Ok so I have a million and two runs to blog about so I will just do some of the big ones...


I was suppose to do my long run for the week, 7 miles. I worked all night, 12 hours, but have a friend from work that will run with me so I didn't want to pass up the chance to do my long run with someone. We looked online and mapped out a run. We both aren't from around here so we really have no idea where we are going.

Morning comes and we both are tired and not really feeling like doing this but we suck it up and head out. It ended up being a really nice route. The views were so pretty!! I found the next neighborhood I want to move to!! The houses have so much charm and the view is amazing! We head down to the waterfront which we are both familiar with and then headed back up towards work. Which is uphill and if you don't know yet, I hate and am horrible at running hills! I actually wasn't doing to bad until we got to a pretty steep hill and then it was down hill from there. Down hill for me, not literally down hill, it was definitely up hill!!! We, missed the turn and ended up going a different way which just had a mild incline but it was killing me! I had to walk. The last mile of this run was pretty much me dying and walking. However, it felt good to get my 7 miles done even if the last mile was a walk.

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