Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lost in Utah...


I needed to do my long run while I was still in Utah so I waited for it to cool off and decided to head out around 8:15. My step mom Gina told be to go through this neighborhood and go to the right and it loops around. Great... off I go.

I get into the neighborhood and go to the right like she says. I'm looking around and there are nice houses everywhere and it's on a golf course. I'm still really struggling to run in Utah it's just not the same. Boy do I give people credit that travel all over and run these marathons in states they don't live in because I am having the hardest time. So I decided to run 6 minutes then walk a minute. Which is working, kind of. I cheated and walk early a few times.

It's starting to get a little dark out which is great because it's starting to cool off. It was pretty hot the whole time I was in Utah. However, it's starting to get dark and nothing looks familiar but everything looks the same. Does that make sense?

I'm starting to get a little bit worried now because it is officially dark outside and I have no idea where I am. I am now lost in Utah.

Crap! I start thinking to myself should I knock on somebodies door and ask them how to get out of pleasant view? Then I see a few cars heading in the same directions so I decided to follow where they went and hopefully that will take me to where I began. I follow them but this is so not the beginning! However, it looks familiar and I'm pretty sure we have drove this way home before in the car so I go with it. I'm really tired and my foot is starting to hurt. Also my shoulder are hurting, I can feel the tension in them. I try to shake my arms out but it's not helping. I'm pretty much walking now more then I am jogging which worries me because I just want to get back to the house. I see a sign for the road I need to turn down so I am no longer lost! I know where I am, probably only 1.5 miles from the house. I'm going along this road trying my best to jog when I can. All of the sudden this car pulls over and scares me a little and it was my dad. He says you could of ran a marathon by now!! I'm beat! I hop in the car and ride home.

I ended up home safe with the biggest blister ever on my toe. I decided on my run that I need to get a reflector so I can run at night and people can see me and I need to get an arm band big enough for my iPhone so I can call someone if I get lost. Utah and running, so not for me.

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