Monday, August 30, 2010

Running with PamelO


Running post Utah, I noticed right away it was easier for me to run at home. I wonder if it's all in my head?? Maybe I'm a little crazy?

I did go for a long run I didn't blog about. It went ok, no big events. However, I went with my friend from work and did the same long route as before, the one I love. I had to stop and walk more then before. He said, "I can see you didn't run when you were in Utah!!" What the heck? I did run, it just didn't go very well.

Back to my 8/23 run with PamelO. Her name is Pamela O. but I call her PamelO. I work with her and she is a great runner. I always feel bad asking her to run with me because she is a million times faster then me... Well about 2 minutes a mile faster, which is a lot. I wanted to run in Tacoma where the You Go Girl half marathon will be so I could test out the area and see how bad the hills are and such. We headed out to Tacoma a little late, it was a hot day and of course I wanted to wait until it cooled off. I brought my reflector though so we didn't get ran over and killed.

When we finally started out it was pretty much dark, I think I like running at night, it's cool and not to busy. Anyways, right away in the run my right leg/calf/shin started hurting. I just kept running and hoped it would pass. However, after a mile of waiting for the pain to go away it was still hurting and now it was pretty bad, I had to stop. I stretched it out and then started up again. We had planned on doing 8-10 miles but there was no way I was going to make it with the pain I was having. I felt so horrible and I wanted to keep going. I tried to run through it and Pam asked me if I wanted to stop because now I was limping while running. I said no but we should probably turn around, we headed back to the car. I wished I could of went further, we ended up doing 5 miles.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lost in Utah...


I needed to do my long run while I was still in Utah so I waited for it to cool off and decided to head out around 8:15. My step mom Gina told be to go through this neighborhood and go to the right and it loops around. Great... off I go.

I get into the neighborhood and go to the right like she says. I'm looking around and there are nice houses everywhere and it's on a golf course. I'm still really struggling to run in Utah it's just not the same. Boy do I give people credit that travel all over and run these marathons in states they don't live in because I am having the hardest time. So I decided to run 6 minutes then walk a minute. Which is working, kind of. I cheated and walk early a few times.

It's starting to get a little dark out which is great because it's starting to cool off. It was pretty hot the whole time I was in Utah. However, it's starting to get dark and nothing looks familiar but everything looks the same. Does that make sense?

I'm starting to get a little bit worried now because it is officially dark outside and I have no idea where I am. I am now lost in Utah.

Crap! I start thinking to myself should I knock on somebodies door and ask them how to get out of pleasant view? Then I see a few cars heading in the same directions so I decided to follow where they went and hopefully that will take me to where I began. I follow them but this is so not the beginning! However, it looks familiar and I'm pretty sure we have drove this way home before in the car so I go with it. I'm really tired and my foot is starting to hurt. Also my shoulder are hurting, I can feel the tension in them. I try to shake my arms out but it's not helping. I'm pretty much walking now more then I am jogging which worries me because I just want to get back to the house. I see a sign for the road I need to turn down so I am no longer lost! I know where I am, probably only 1.5 miles from the house. I'm going along this road trying my best to jog when I can. All of the sudden this car pulls over and scares me a little and it was my dad. He says you could of ran a marathon by now!! I'm beat! I hop in the car and ride home.

I ended up home safe with the biggest blister ever on my toe. I decided on my run that I need to get a reflector so I can run at night and people can see me and I need to get an arm band big enough for my iPhone so I can call someone if I get lost. Utah and running, so not for me.

Utah... Attack of the Allergies!!!


I headed off to Utah to visit my family and made sure to pack my running gear so I wouldn't be a slacker. Both my dad and step mom run so I figured I would be able to get some runs in.

Early morning comes and my dad pops his head in the room and asks if I want to run before it gets hot out. I'm not really a morning person since I work nights and all but I get out of bed and get ready. I get outside and the sun is blazing in my face! What??? Before it gets hot out?? It's feeling pretty warm to me all ready! So the old mad and I head down to the end of the driveway, I'm trying to get situated with my music and such. I bend down to tie my shoe, look up and he took off without me!! No warning, no looking back, just left me in the dust!

So I head off. I'm thinking to myself no problem, I can catch up to this guy, he's old. I'm running along and get pretty close behind him and I feel like he starts running faster. He has his music in so I don't think he's doing it on purpose. This guy is pretty fast! Now I know I'm not going to be able to catch him so I slow down and try to just keep a comfortable pace. What the heck! It's so hot out! I'm really struggling here. Then I start coughing, just a little, no big deal. Gosh, I haven't even gone over a mile and I feel like I need to walk. I start to walk for a bit while I'm looking around at all the houses, horses, barns and then noticed the hay, everywhere!!! Which I'm very allergic to. On a scale from 1-10, I'm an 11! Well that's what my doctor said. LOL.

I run a little bit more and ended up doing three miles ALONE since my father ditched me at mile zero and I was behind him for the rest of the run. I had to at least stay close enough to see him since I had no idea where I was going.

Then I start coughing, coughing and more coughing, which makes it hard to run. When I finally made it back to the house it was non stop coughing. I didn't bring my inhaler from home because I hardly use it and clearly I wasn't thinking. I ended up buying an over the counter medication which helped.

Holy moly slacking on this blog thing!!

Ok so I have a million and two runs to blog about so I will just do some of the big ones...


I was suppose to do my long run for the week, 7 miles. I worked all night, 12 hours, but have a friend from work that will run with me so I didn't want to pass up the chance to do my long run with someone. We looked online and mapped out a run. We both aren't from around here so we really have no idea where we are going.

Morning comes and we both are tired and not really feeling like doing this but we suck it up and head out. It ended up being a really nice route. The views were so pretty!! I found the next neighborhood I want to move to!! The houses have so much charm and the view is amazing! We head down to the waterfront which we are both familiar with and then headed back up towards work. Which is uphill and if you don't know yet, I hate and am horrible at running hills! I actually wasn't doing to bad until we got to a pretty steep hill and then it was down hill from there. Down hill for me, not literally down hill, it was definitely up hill!!! We, missed the turn and ended up going a different way which just had a mild incline but it was killing me! I had to walk. The last mile of this run was pretty much me dying and walking. However, it felt good to get my 7 miles done even if the last mile was a walk.