Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lonely 8 miles...


Usually on this Monday long run I have my friend Jon from work to run with, but today I was solo. It's my run I have to do after working four 12 hour night shifts in a row so I'm always tired and it's nice to have a friend that can push me along. Not to mention I am suppose to be at 10.5 miles according to my training plan and I only made it 8.23 miles.

I got all ready to go, turned on my Garmin and it said low battery. WHAT?? Low battery on my long run! I didn't even think to charge it because I haven't used it and it's been turned off! Lame! Well, I figured it would last me a little while so I kept it on a started my run. I didn't even make it a quarter of a mile before that darn thing shut off!

I decided to change up my run a little bit from what Jon and I usually do. The run was going pretty well except for the last mile and a half back to work. Man it just kills me! It has so many hills. I wish I could find a route that only has them in the beginning or middle. To do a bunch of hills which I'm all ready not good at when I'm dead tired just doesn't work for me. Ugh.

I'm starting to get really worried about this half marathon. I'm leaving for Vegas in two days and will be there for 10 days!! All my friends are going to want party it up and that doesn't make for good running. I guess we will see what happens.

Feeling Good


Since on my last run with PamelO my leg was killing me I decided to take it easy because I wasn't sure if my leg was going to start bothering me again or not. I was going along at a pretty slow pace and it didn't seem to bother me so I decided to go a little longer and speed up a tad.

Where I live has some small short hills so I decided to get some practice in. I've got to start somewhere I guess, and I stink at hills. I looped around the neighborhood a few times so I could do the hills more then once. Since I had such a good time running the other day at dark I decided to go a little later today too. I've noticed it's getting darker out so much sooner now. I took my dog Abby with me so I had someone to run with. All though, she would never protect me. Unless getting super excited and licking someone is protecting?? I know the area really well however, they are still building houses and all the streets don't have lights so of course I twisted my ankle on a rock I couldn't see. I iced it when I got home and it was fine. Thank god.

Oh on a side note, I felt really good about this run. I didn't stop at all except to walk up the giant hill and I even made it half way before walking!