Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feeling Good


Since on my last run with PamelO my leg was killing me I decided to take it easy because I wasn't sure if my leg was going to start bothering me again or not. I was going along at a pretty slow pace and it didn't seem to bother me so I decided to go a little longer and speed up a tad.

Where I live has some small short hills so I decided to get some practice in. I've got to start somewhere I guess, and I stink at hills. I looped around the neighborhood a few times so I could do the hills more then once. Since I had such a good time running the other day at dark I decided to go a little later today too. I've noticed it's getting darker out so much sooner now. I took my dog Abby with me so I had someone to run with. All though, she would never protect me. Unless getting super excited and licking someone is protecting?? I know the area really well however, they are still building houses and all the streets don't have lights so of course I twisted my ankle on a rock I couldn't see. I iced it when I got home and it was fine. Thank god.

Oh on a side note, I felt really good about this run. I didn't stop at all except to walk up the giant hill and I even made it half way before walking!

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