Friday, July 30, 2010

I didn't hate running today!


I didn't hate running today! I'm always so jealous of those people who say, "I love to run". Love to run??? Did I hear you right? How can anybody love to run? I definitely don't love to run...yet. But, I didn't hate it today so that was nice.

According to the plan I'm suppose to do 3.5 miles, easy. I said to myself this is just an easy run. It will be fine. Right when I started out my shin started to hurt and I thought to myself, "oh great! This is going to be a horrible run". However, after a few minutes of running the pain went away and I was feeling ok. I even passed mile one without having to stop! Then I passed mile two without stopping. There were even two hills between mile one and two that I made it up without stopping and continued on my way. Here comes mile three... It is a very long hill, which I knew I wouldn't make it up so I just walked it. After the hill was over I started up again and ended the jog with a real run pace. I always feel funny to say I went for a run when I'm so slow and it's more like a slow jog.


  1. You are doing great! Just keep it up and you’ll surprise yourself. I was the same and hated any sport/running related stuff at school. Yes, it’s many, many years ago. I’m still slow but I’m sure I enjoy running more than the guys chasing fast times. I’m also to slow to get injuries…

  2. Im very proud of you Misty! :) It's great that you are still running and are not giving up! :)