Friday, July 30, 2010

6 miles


Today was my long run, 6 miles. Last night when I got home from Oregon I rushed to Best Buy before they closed to buy my Garmin. I have been looking at them for sometime now and my Step-dad said he would help me buy one so I rushed there. We got stuck in traffic on the way home and I thought I wouldn't make it in time. We got home at 7:15 and they close at 8:00, I made! Got home and charged it so it would be ready to go tomorrow.

I mapped out my run and was starting to get excited for it. However, it was really hot out and I don't like running in the heat, it makes me feel so sluggish. Therefore, I decided to wait until later and would run when it cooled down. Well, 8:30pm rolls around and it is still 82 outside! So, it's time to run anyways.

It was time to get ready. I felt like a poser with all this equipment on and I’m not even good at running. I put on my heart rate strap, Garmin watch and my iPod. I had a running partner today, Luis.

This run was really hard for me. There were two hills right away, the first one pretty big and the second one not so bad but it was enough to make me have to walk after. All I could think was, I'm hot, I haven't even made it to the second mile and I'm all ready walking!! Not to mention I was having major equipment malfunctions. My stupid heart rate strap kept falling down, there was no keeping that thing up, it was all the way down to my belly button. My Garmin watch that I was so excited to wear doesn't really fit well because my wrists are pretty small, it was flopping around everywhere.

Where is the wind?? I was hot and just wanted some wind on my face; anything to cool me down would be nice. I don't have any of those fancy water bottler holders so I didn't bring any. I'm not sure what the rule is about drinking water but I think if it's over a hour you are suppose to have some water? I was hoping this run would only be a hour so I thought I would be ok.

I feel like I have to walk again and I’m not even half way! Not even three miles!! What the heck is wrong with me? I was not meant to be a runner! I started walking and Luis is not going to wait for me, off he goes ahead of me. Now it’s starting to get a little bit darker outside and pretty soon it is VERY dark outside. I can hardly see anything! I have no idea where Luis is and I’m starting to get worried.

Now there are no sidewalks and I can’t see anything, great! I’m almost home but I have to go down this curvy hill with no sidewalks and I’m afraid I’m going to get ran over. Every time a car came near I pretty much had to go in the bushes so I wouldn’t get hit. Not very good planning on my part.

It’s over! I made it, alive.

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