Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mount Si


My girlfriend Pam called me to see if I wanted to go with her to Mount Si for a hike. Half of me really wanted to go and the other half of me, not so much but I said yes. She told me to meet her at the Starbucks at 1pm so I did. I think I even got there a little early. Well come to find out she also invited our friend Katrina and her bf Doug. Well Katrina is late to everything!!! So Pam and I waited there for 45 minutes. I drank a green tea while we waited.

When we arrive that green tea I had kicked in and I had to go #1. There was this little out house thing I decided to use. OMG it smelled soooo bad in there. While I was going to the bathroom I probably gaged 10 times. So gross. I can't even imagine what that thing smells like in the summer! Never again will I drink so much before I go there.

And we are off...We start our hike but much later then planned, it's now 2:45, sunset is at 5:15. This hike is 4 miles up, so 8 miles total. We get going, wow it takes so much longer to walk a mile then I think it would. Pam thought we should turn back down at 4:15 but who wants to start a hike they have never done before and not finish it??? Not me! I was like lets just finish it..... Probably should have listened to Pam. We get to the top but couldn't see anything. It was foggy and misty out but I felt good for finishing it. It was still light out so we headed back down. It slowly got darker and darker out and started raining more and more. We were trying to go down as fast as we could but it got pretty hard to see where you were going. Doug pulled out his light helmet and one other flash light which made it a little better but it was still hard. I was stepping in mud puddles I couldn't see. All of the sudden I would just feel coldness on my feet and sink in the mud and know hey that's another mud puddle I just stepped in. When we finally got down It was pouring outside, I was freezing, wet and muddy. However, it ended up to be quite the adventure and I had a great time. I'm glad I went.

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