Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lunch Money


My cell phone started ringing, I looked down to see who it is and it's from my son's school. It was my son telling me he was out of lunch money and forgot to tell me. Well, the school is less then a mile away so I thought to myself I could get in my car, drive less then a mile each way or I could put my running shoes on and go for a little run. I decided to be green and jog on over there. The ladies in the office probably thought I was nuts when I showed up heaving breathing with a check for lunch money.

For some reason on this run my body thought it should run a little faster then I normally do. Which seem to mean I got tired quicker. I'm not sure what's better yet? Run a little slower but go further without walking or run a little faster and walk sooner?? Hmm

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